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Are you in need of child care or is your child/ren already enrolled in licensed or registered child care? Apply here for assistance, the Community Child Care Clearinghouse of Niagara will use the information you provide to establish that you are an essential employee, enroll you in the CARES Child Care Scholarship, and to ensure that the child care program is paid.

A quality child care program involves more than simply the custodial care very often associated with “babysitting.” Quality programs provide high quality early learning experiences that help a child thrive and prepare for success in school, job training, employment and community life. It is very important that you consider these issues before choosing a child care program.

Please Note: The New York State Office of Children and Family Services requires individuals caring for more than two children to become registered or licensed.  If you have questions regarding the status of a child care provider, please call the Community Child Care Clearinghouse of Niagara at 716-285-8572 or toll free at 1-800-701-4KID.

To find a Niagara County child care provider using our web-based referral database, click here.    

For information on finding a child care provider that meets your needs, click here.
For information on help paying for child care, click here.
There are tax credits available to families in New York State which may also assist with child care costs. For more information on tax credits click here.
The Niagara County Resource Directory for new parents includes helpful information for parents.  To view a copy of the directory click here.
For information on why you should check a providers compliance history, click here.

For information on the importance of vaccinations for children, click here.

For information on Eco-Healthy child care programs, click here.

For information on the importance of lead screening for children, click here.

Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center offers a variety of programs designed to help the Niagara Community with health coverage, housing, clothing and food assistance, prenatal care, diverse health issues, etc. Click here to see the details of each program and contact information.

For a list of rates of child care costs in Niagara County, click here. 

For a list of additional programs that may be helpful to parents, click here.

For information on the 10 areas to consider when looking for a quality child care program, click here. 
For information on how to become an advocate for quality child care, click here.
For a list of websites that answer questions a parent may have on childhood immunizations, click here.
Try the games in the links below with your infants and toddlers!
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